ARC’s Ph.D. candidate, Charalambia Varnava, presented part of her Ph.D. project at the 4th Pancyprian Conference in Statistics ( Charalambia is developing a new Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) SED fitting code, SMART, which fits SEDs exclusively with radiative transfer models. SMART stands for ‘Spectral energy distributions Markov chain Analysis with Radiative Transfer models’. She currently tests SMART with a large sample of galaxies with excellent photometry and infrared spectrophotometry. The novelty of SMART is that, although it utilizes exclusively radiative transfer models, it takes comparable time to popular energy balance methods, such as CIGALE and MAGPHYS.

During her presentation, Charalambia explained how SMART can be used to study galaxies and obscured supermassive black holes at any redshift. The method being developed promises to be very useful for analysing multiwavelength SEDs of galaxies and obscured AGN from a number of ground-based and space-born facilities, such as Spitzer, Herschel and JWST.