Welcome to GRATOS

Graph Theoretical Tools for Sciences

Research Project


GRATOS brings together experts from diverse scientific domains, with experts on Graph Theory and Discrete Mathematics and related theories under a joint research collaboration for the further exploitation, improvement and development of Graph Theoretical tools.

The Partners

GRATOS  (Graph Theoretical Tools for Sciences) – EXCELLENCE/1216/0207  is a project founded by the the  Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, under the program EXCELLENCE  HUBS,  Programmes for Research, Technological Development And Innovation, “RESTART 2016 – 2020”.

Project Progress

Submit Project Proposal 100%
Project Signed/Accepted for Funding 100%
Kick-Off Meeting 100%
WP1: Project Management 50%
WP2: Dissemination Activities 50%
WP3 : Conceptual Framework for Clustering problems 100%
WP4: Cosmological and Astrophysical Applications 50%
WP5: A Neuroscience Family of problems 50%
WP6: Exploration of a uniform Graph Theoretical Framework for Clustering problems in Sciences 0%